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1st Floor Suite No. 8 Woodvale Lane, Westlands.

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Our Company Mission

Delivering custom-made world-class business solutions to our valued clients and partners through our robust talent-sharing platform in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Thinking Local Acting Global; strategy; sales; marketing; the best talent provider


Integrity; Dependability; Resourcefulness.


We are Talent Sharing Platform focused on 3 aspects of business- Sales, Marketing, and Strategy.

Why Choose Us


Our firm is guided by a strong set of values and diversity of skills. Consistency and skills development is our most important tool to help us deliver the right team with the right experience and expertise, to every client in Kenya Our Consultants include Strategy professionals, Management experts and financial management experts with a wide range of experience.


We are founded on rigorous understanding of every client’s organizational context, sector, dynamics and economic environment. For this reason, we have invested in research and development, learning and building of capabilities. This is through the study of market trends and emerging practices in business growth and development, in regards to all sectors involved in business development and growth of startups to mature competitive firms.


Changing needs of every client and dynamics in the business growth and development has made us to continually seek better ways to serve our clients. Investing in talents and acquiring new skills, developing new capabilities is a way that we have adopted to ensure innovation. We serve clients at all levels of organization from trusted advisors to top-level management and we put recommendations into practice by ensuring that the organizational goals are put in place and that there is shape up and sharpening of the strategic stake of the organization. No matter the challenge, we deliver practical enduring results and equip our clients to grow and lead.


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  • 1st Floor Suite No. 8 Woodvale Lane, Westlands.
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A solid asset allocation strategy often includes investments from a range of investment classes

Discount Fuel Solution

Is a fuel solutions company.

(Limited Liability Partnership),

Is a law firm in Kenya established in 2016.

Discount Fuel Solution

Is a fuel solutions company.

(Limited Liability Partnership),

Is a law firm in Kenya established in 2016.

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